Working at NAMe opens the door to great professional opportunities! Being a CRNA owned and operated private practice group of 40+ CRNAs covering over 12 hospitals and surgicenters in the region affords YOU choice! NAMe offers practice settings that range from a tertiary care level two trauma center to community hospitals to surgicenters and clinics to critical access hospitals.

Several of our practice locations are in the Bangor area, with our furthest location being a 90-minute drive away via beautifully scenic roads. With that breadth of service locations, you could be working within an anesthesia care team one day and be solo the next. It’s all up to you! This variety adds to our anesthetists’ professional satisfaction and happiness.

For those who prefer working in an ACT, not to worry! No one is required to practice solo. Many of our CRNAs prefer the ACT model and enjoy the complex cases offered at the larger hospitals.

EMMC—Eastern Maine Medical Center ( is our largest facility offering the full spectrum of cases, except for transplants. Cerebral coilings to neonates to chest, vascular, neuro, and so on. You will do some fun, challenging cases here! You will work with nationally recognized surgeons and see them teach surgeons from around the world.

SRNA Clinical Site

Eastern Maine Medical Center is a clinical site for the CRNA program at the University of New England (UNE). This gives NAMe’s CRNAs the chance to share their skills, knowledge, and passion for anesthesia with the next generation of nurse anesthetists. SRNA preceptors are awarded Associate Clinical Staff status from UNE, giving them access to the University’s facilities.

Additionally, if you like teaching, there are opportunities to present at service meetings or to smaller groups of CRNAs or at Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MeANA) meetings. You help make us all a little smarter when you show us what you have! Some of our new grads (who we love to have join our team) have schooled us quite a bit and been some of our best teachers!

As a member of the NAMe Team, you’ll receive unparalleled schedule flexibility. Our schedulers work magic with the schedule! The CRNAs consistently rate their ability to get a day off for an appointment or special request, one of the single best perks of this position.

Competitive salary and benefits package, If you are looking to save up for that special trip or new toy—no problem! There is typically extra time on the schedule to pick up, which offers premium compensation. As a side benefit, this also adds to your retirement and life insurance value.


Of course, working here means more than providing excellent anesthesia services and having fun at work. We are a close-knit group who also plays together! One of our anesthetists regularly hosts the NAMe summer party at her home on Pushaw Lake.

There is swimming, water-skiing, food, and fun for the whole family. Is there anything better than enjoying a fresh lobster with family and friends? We have had snowmobile parties, river float trips, 4th of July BBQs, holiday parties, after-work get-togethers, baby showers, parties for new DNPs, and of course, welcome parties for the great CRNAs and their families who are new to NAMe. Will the next party be for you?