Nurse Anesthesia of Maine is a company owned by CRNAs for CRNAs. Everyone in our organization, including our CEO, has experience in the field as a CRNA. Learn more about our leadership team by reading their profiles below.

Kathy Maxwell, MSNA, CRNA, APRN – Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Maxwell is the CEO of Nurse Anesthesia of Maine, a company owned by CRNAs working for CRNAs who love their profession. Kathy’s tenacity and dedication to Nurse Anesthesia of Maine brought her where she is today.

After obtaining her MSNA from the University of New England, her career flourished at Nurse Anesthesia of Maine. She grew from staff CRNA to Neuro Clinical Director, to Chief CRNA at Eastern Maine Medical Center, to valued Board Member in under 10 years.

In 2015, Kathy was elected CEO. As CEO, Kathy spends her days developing business strategies and plans, leading NAMe’s initiative for employee engagement and development, and overseeing all operations and business activities, ensuring they are in line with Nurse Anesthesia of Maine’s overall strategy and mission.

Kathy uses her philosophy of servant leadership to guide her in every decision she makes for the company. Her ultimate goal is to give every CRNA the opportunities and support they need to pursue excellence in their career. She is creating a company that every employee is proud to be part of.

Paul Schneider, MAE, CRNA, APRN – Chief Operating Officer

Before receiving his Master of Anesthesiology Education from Gonzaga University, Paul was a Trauma Resuscitation Nurse and ICU Nurse for almost 15 years in Washington and Oregon. That level of experience led Paul to explore an anesthesia-based career, as he still wanted to have the adrenaline moments of the operating room. A CRNA since 2004, Paul still loves the career that he describes as fulfilling and spectacular.

When not in the operating room, Paul stays involved in the Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MEANA). He has been a member for over 10 years and served as president twice. However, his true passion is travel, jetting all around the country, and the world, appreciating everything his air miles and points have to offer. He has even volunteered with surgical mission organizations to further the reward of being a CRNA.

A self-described homebody who never stays home, Paul Schneider is the most credentialed CRNA in Nurse Anesthesia of Maine. He maintains privileges at 11 of NAMe’s 17 contracted hospitals and health centers. Practicing at locations throughout the state enables Paul to bring a CRNA-perspective to the Board of Managers, allowing them to make the best decisions for the company while supporting the anesthetists as they attain their professional goals.