New Hire

Name: Elizabeth Markey

Gender: Female

Original Home State: North Carolina

Education: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia

Interests: Exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying new recipes!

Activities: Hiking, Reading, Snuggling my puppies, Cooking, Rafting, and Watching Unhealthy Amounts of Netflix

Favorite Movie: I don't know about a favorite movie but favorite shows are: Game of Thrones, West World, and Stranger Things.

Favorite Music: Country, Bluegrass

Favorite Book(s): Tropic of Cancer, anything by Henry Miller really, Ulysses, My Notorious Life, A thousand Splendid Suns, Atlas Shrugged.

Favorite Quote: "If now and then we encounter pages that explode, pages that wound and sear, that wring groans and tears and curses, know that they come from a man with his back up, a man whose only defenses left are his words and his words are always stronger than the lying, crushing weight of the world, stronger than all the racks and wheels which the cowardly invent to crush out the miracle of personality. If any man ever dared to translate all that is in his heart, to put down what is really his experience, what is truly his truth, I think then the world would go to smash, that it would be blown to smithereens and no god, no accident, no will could ever again assemble the pieces, the atoms, the indestructible elements that have gone to make up the world." - Henry Miller

Favorite Vacation: I love traveling so pretty much anywhere new! Amongst my favorite thus far are Thailand, Kenya, and Kauai.