Full-time anesthesia coverage

From our pool of 57 credentialed full-time CRNAs, APC supplies an average of 31 nurse anesthetists a day to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME, where they work in an anesthesia core team model with anesthesiologists.

“Nurse Anesthesia of Maine (NAMe) has been our exclusive provider of anesthesia care continuously since January 2006. These CRNAs are our friends and neighbors; they are an integral part of the Blue Hill Hospital team. The professionals at NAMe have delivered excellent anesthesia services for us, and never once in four years missed a day of service. In fact, NAMe frequently delivers a second CRNA to open our second room and lately, have even delivered “all-day” services on intermittent Saturdays as a new, unanticipated service this year. They are professional, collegial, flexible, and a valued addition to the Blue Hill Hospital team! Finally, as a physician, I would not hesitate for a second to let NAMe’s anesthetists care for me or a member of my family; they are that good.”

Erik Steele, D.O., FAAFP

Chief Medical Officer, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

Interim CEO, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital