Need a quality CRNA in a hurry?

Ever closed an Operating Room because the CRNA is ill or dealing with a family crisis?

Nurse Anesthesia of Maine offers a

Rapid Response Team

  • Fast response to your urgent needs, many times within hours of your request
  • Experienced CRNAs who live right here in Maine
  • Lower cost than most Locum's companies
  • We will pre-credential and orient up to 6 CRNAs to be be ready for you
  • You will know the service you are getting thus avoiding the mystery locum CRNA
Plan Ahead, don't wait until your emergency arises and then struggle to find coverage that can take days to weeks to find and credential.

Call Nurse Anesthesia of Maine Now.

We will customize a contract with you that fits your needs.  Then working with your credentialing staff we will credential and orient up to 6 CRNA's to be ready should you ever need them (having a pool of CRNA's always to call upon).  There is no cost to you unless you utilize the CRNAs.

Contact Lynne Veinote, Practice Manager at 207-992-4032 weekdays
or Jim Husson CRNA at 207-745-3897 24 hours / 365 days.

We can also offer Vacation Relief for your CRNA's

Available As A Flyer For Your Department Head